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They use words so that it’s not obvious to tell what they have done, but what they did was say, basically, that we, the governments, are no longer going to be responsible for bailing out the big banks. So, you are going to have to save yourselves, and the way you are going to have to do it is by bailing in the money of your creditors. The FDIC fund has billion, the last time I looked, to cover .5 trillion worth of deposits. Brown contends, “If the derivative bubble pops, nobody knows what is going to happen, and it’s obvious it has to pop. Depending on who you read, some people say it is up to two quadrillion dollars.

The largest class of creditors of any bank is the depositors.” It gets worse, as Brown goes on to say, “Theoretically, we are protected by deposit insurance up to 0,000 in the U. There is also 0 trillion worth of derivatives that the five biggest banks in the U. are exposed to, and under the bankruptcy reform act of 2005, derivatives go first. So, even though we are protected by the FDIC, the FDIC is not going to have the money. It’s virtual money, and it cannot keep going on.” When a financial crash does happen, you can forget about getting immediate access to your money.

There have been so many Trumps on display in the past few days that it’s anyone’s guess who will actually turn up for the first 100 days.

The first few days have been extraordinary and kind of scary in terms of the president’s grasp on economic reality. The no-nonsense, straight-talking, waste-cutting, four-times bankrupt, business genius who will slash taxes and get corporate America purring again? You know the pussy-grabbing, dodgy-dealing, locker-room Trump, who is one scandal away from impeachment? Or what about Town Hall Trump — the gold-plated, KFC-chewing, class-warrior capitalist who’s gonna stick it to the Man for the little guy? The wall-building, hombre-watching, China-bashing, alt-right flirting, bring ‘em all back home Donald, who will make America great again by cutting it off from the rest of the world.

So on the policy front, expect a whirlwind first 100 days that focuses on the US.

Sure there’ll be foreign misadventures such as the ‘building the wall’ fiasco, but domestic politics remains the life-blood of the Trump revolution.

For example, he said he would slap a 20pc tariff on Mexican goods to make “Mexico pay for the wall”. So it’s poor white Americans — the very people who voted for Donald — who will pay for the wall. This is the golf-club superhero, the darling of the 1pc. That’s the “straight-up guy made good” that Nascar America from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania thinks it sees. He’s the narcissistic, thin-skinned, keyboard warrior furiously tweeting away from the Oval Office at 4am, hitting out at his mainstream media enemies, stoking rage in the heartland, uncensored, unchecked, unhinged. This is the leader the rest of the world thinks it sees. He’s the construction guy who’s going to rebuild America’s infrastructure and give formerly Democratic blue collar, Bud-swilling, MMA-watching working dudes decent jobs on the sites again.

There was no treaty, and Congress didn’t agree to all this. This makes it legal for these big 30 banks to take our money when they become insolvent. This was supposed to avoid too-big-to-fail, but what it does is institutionalizes too-big-to-fail. They are going to take our money instead.” Part of the coming financial calamity will involve hundreds of trillions of dollars in un-backed derivatives.

This is where the checks and balances of the American system kick in.

This is what the Founding Fathers inserted into the constitution just in case power went to a future president’s head.

In the late 1800s, world migration and communication technology facilitated unprecedented growth in international trade and investment.

At the onset of World War I, trade contracted as foreign exchange markets became paralyzed by money market illiquidity.