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You can very often spot the switch, as it generally appears as a non sequitur in the conversation. If you ask it obvious human questions like “What browser are you using? I had this conversation just now: Cleverbot: Where are you?

AI is never merely machine labour; it is a collaboration between human and machine.Here’s how it works: In one room, a normal person (‘interactant’) sits down with another person, the ‘shadower’. They were simply told: That the study concerned how strangers conversed when speaking for the first time, that it involved simply holding a 10-min conversation with another research participant, and that they were free to decide on topics for discussion so long as vulgarity was avoided.The researcher made no mention of chat bots or of anything related to artificial intelligence.FWIW, I think that what I wrote in this post 5 years ago is probably not correct. It’s just cogent enough to make you wonder how in the hell it works, while just loony enough to make you sure it isn’t quite human. At any given time, there are quite a few people typing into cleverbot.Original post follows: If you haven’t tried cleverbot, go ahead and try cleverbot out now. It’s supposedly an Artificial Intelligence with which you communicate by typing, much like Eliza. Cleverbot just randomly connects people to other people, each thinking the other is cleverbot.Given these predictions though, we need to sensitise future AI systems to human concerns – in other words, endow them with some version of humanity and human values.