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Combobox validating

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NET Entity Data Model to the project so that you get the User Profile entity class as shown above.

In this example, you will validate all of the columns except Id, using various data annotation attributes. NET class (POCO) then you can directly decorate its properties with data annotation attributes.

List(2,4) 0.1.2 Style If you use a combobox to provide with an exclusive list of valid options you'd better prevent the entering of new items by the user.

I you set the property 'style' to 2 (dropdownlist) only the populated items can be chosen. There's 1 execption: the combobox has a builtin search & filter function based on the characters that the user entered in the inputfield of the combobox.

Now that you have some idea about data annotation attributes, let's develop a simple ASP.

NET MVC application that makes use of these attributes for data validation. NET MVC project and select the Empty project template.

I would like to validate the Combobox so that the user cannot type text other than available in the list, or not allow for the focus to be taken away away unless the item is a match to the list.

At present due to the interaction of other controls on the userform, the only way to clear the error is by pressing the 'Escape key'.

settings 1.5 Dateformat: own settings 2 Populate: Split 2.1 Files 2.1.1 in a folder 2.1.2 in folder and subfolders 2.1.3 pdf in a folder 2.1.4 pdf in folder and subfolders 2.1.5 name ascending 2.1.6 name descending 2.1.7 size ascending 2.1.8 size descending 2.1.9 date ascending 2.1.10 date descending 2.1.11 creationdate: descending 2.1.12 lastaccessdate: descending 2.1.13 lastsavedate: descending 2.2 Subfolders 2.2.1 files & (1-level) subfolders 2.2.2 files & all subfolders 2.2.3 1-level) subfolders 2.2.4 all subfolders 2.3 Worksheet 2.3.1 all worksheets 3 Populate: Customlist 3.1 weekdaynames:short (en.) 3.2 weekdaynames 3.3 monthnames: short 3.4 monthnames 3.5 own customlist 4 Populate: Worksheetrange 4.1 a column 4.2 a row 4.3 a range 4.4 uniques in column 4.5 uniques sorted in column 4.6 uniques in row 4.7 uniques sorted in row 4.8 uniques in range 4.9 uniques sorted in range 5 Populate: Evaluate 5.1.1 all decimals 5.1.2 Ucase alphabet 5.1.3 Lcase alphabet 5.1.4 numbers interval 5 5.1.5 numbers interval 7 5.2 Monthnames 5.2.1 extended 5.2.2 abbreviated 5.2.3 international 5.3 Weekdaynames 5.3.1 extended 5.3.2 ISO-week extended 5.3.3 abbreviated 5.3.4 ISO-week abbreviated 5.3.5 ISO-week international 5.4 Dates 5.4.2 this ISO week 5.4.2 previous ISO week 5.4.3 next ISO week 5.4.4 this month 5.4.5 previous month 5.4.6 next month 5.4.7 this ISO year 5.4.8 previous ISO year 5.4.9 next ISO year 5.4.10 preceding 28 days 5.4.11 next 28 days 5.4.12 sundays ISO year 5.4.13 mondays ISO year 5.4.14 tuesdays ISO year 5.4.15 wednesdays ISO year 5.4.16 thursdays ISO year 5.4.17 fridays ISO year 5.4.18 saturdays ISO year 5.4.19 wednesday every 6 weeks ISO year 5.5 times 5.5.1 hour in a day 5.5.2 half an hour in a day 5.5.3 quarter of an hour in a day 5.5.4 every 10 minutes in a day 5.5.5 hour form to 5.5.6 10 seconds restricted interval 5.6 Math Introduction Everything we'll discuss here applies to Comboboxes as well as Listboxes.For readability's sake only the combobox will be mentioned.You can safely substitute the word 'combobox' by 'listbox'.There are no hard and fast rules for which controls should be used for what purpose, only guides.If the truth be known the only limit to this is sometimes your own imagination and ability as a developer.This is a bit like those fantastic looking charts that really tell us nothing.